Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy Rehab: Day 2


I’m so tired I can’t describe it. Last night it was too cold for me, it woke me up around 5:00am-ish. I thought it was 3 or 4am and had to go potty. (Yes, I am 17 and still use the word, potty in everyday speech, live with it! 😛 ) Not wanting to wake my Mom and brother in their room I tried to slowly open the door. It totally and completely escaped my mind that my door creeks LOUDLY! She woke up and asked me why I was up and then I just got ready and hung around here until it was time to go. Which I found out today is 8:45am, only on the first day (with all the assessments) does it start at 8am. 9am is a much better start time for me, at 8am the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet. (Maybe I should just get it in IV form… :3 )


Today was… challenging, to say the least. I’m so tired now its hard to remember what I did; 20 mins. on an elliptical stepper, 2100 meters of rowing, 10 mins. on the sitting elliptical, step ups, hand ups, dragging myself with my arms on a board with wheels up a steep incline… I think you get the idea. I did some bio-feedback as well (controlling your heart rate/breathing with meditation, thoughts and being calm and so on), it was boring (if you know what meditation is then you’d find that part repetitive), the program I used was dated and lame. Oh well. The worst part is one of the parts of the program wouldn’t even respond! I ate a ridiculous amount of food at lunch again; a bag of chips, rice-krispie, grilled cheese sandwich and fries. Lunchtime is basically time to stuff your face, which is what I try and do because I burnt it all off and was hungry an hour later. I’d like to go to a bookstore tomorrow and I need a few more things from Target, namely some dishes/cutlery for the room, another bathing suit, leave in conditioner etc. All this therapy grinds down on a person. I just hope I can to sleep tonight! (And stay asleep.)

Quick Update: Before the First Visit

I will be leaving very soon to go to the Children’s Institute for my first day of therapy. Its been so nerve racking (literally – RND is a whole heap of nerve pain!) waiting the past few weeks, but now I am finally here. While I am ready for this, I’m also nervous.

RND; Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy

I was diagnosed last month with a condition called RND. It has a lot of other names and many different forms. One of the other names I am familiar with is Pain Amplification Syndrome. When I’m talking to people I usually use both. Mostly because when I say Pain Amplification Syndrome, I feel like I just made up a name for my condition! PAS doesn’t sound very . . . real. I’ll be taking something of a break from blogging while I’m getting better. Although I may update here and there.

What is RND?

Pain is usually a response to tissue damage. This damage uses the pain nerve to send a signal to ones spinal cord, which in turn sends a signal to your brain which recognizes the signal of pain.

With my condition there is a short circuit in my spinal cord. The pain signal is not only sent to my brain, it’s also sent to some other nerves, the neurovascular ones to be exact. Those bad boys control blood flow but they’re a bit wimpy when it comes to these signals. They get all scared and decide to make the blood vessels to constrict. Think of it as a chain of bullying. Now, constricted blood vessels equals decreased blood flow. This means less oxygen everywhere and it leads to a build up of acids, both of these things cause more pain. At which point the whole process starts all over again.

I got the information I used to write this little blurb from this very helpful handout. It has a nice diagram too!