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Residue — The Residue Group
This one could be a hit or miss — even more so than your average Nuit Blanche exhibit. Designed to recreate the experience of urban exploration, Residue might offer an exhilarating nighttime experience, or fall flat if the facades and props don’t hold up to scrutiny. Having said that, the photographs on display might be worth the trip all on their own. 29 McCaul Street, Beaver Hall

Source: BlogTO, “Nuit Blanche”

I suppose they can’t know it but about 90% of parts come from actual decrepit buildings! The other 10% includes some of the lighting (the stuff not found and rewired), nuts and bolts, some black cloth and the art hanging stuff.

Come in for yourself and be the judge of it!

Art Preview for Nuit Blanche

Come to the show to see the finished product and/or purchase it!

Beaver Hall Gallery
29 McCaul St
Toronto, ON

Nuit Blanche: October 1st, 6:59PM –  Sunrise.

Exhibition: October 4-7th, 7-10pm

October 8th, 12-5pm

Artist’s Reception: October 6th, 7-10pm