RND; Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy

I was diagnosed last month with a condition called RND. It has a lot of other names and many different forms. One of the other names I am familiar with is Pain Amplification Syndrome. When I’m talking to people I usually use both. Mostly because when I say Pain Amplification Syndrome, I feel like I just made up a name for my condition! PAS doesn’t sound very . . . real. I’ll be taking something of a break from blogging while I’m getting better. Although I may update here and there.

What is RND?

Pain is usually a response to tissue damage. This damage uses the pain nerve to send a signal to ones spinal cord, which in turn sends a signal to your brain which recognizes the signal of pain.

With my condition there is a short circuit in my spinal cord. The pain signal is not only sent to my brain, it’s also sent to some other nerves, the neurovascular ones to be exact. Those bad boys control blood flow but they’re a bit wimpy when it comes to these signals. They get all scared and decide to make the blood vessels to constrict. Think of it as a chain of bullying. Now, constricted blood vessels equals decreased blood flow. This means less oxygen everywhere and it leads to a build up of acids, both of these things cause more pain. At which point the whole process starts all over again.

I got the information I used to write this little blurb from this very helpful handout. It has a nice diagram too!


This post feels epic, it feels like the start of something new. This is my first post in my blog, my new website hosted by my new provider. I’d like to thank 1and1.com for the one click install of word press! And for being a cheaper, more easily navigate-able, with even more features and just all around better than my previous host freewebs.com. I’m tired and all over the place but I felt that I needed to write just a little something to commemorate this triumphant and oh-so melodramatic moment in my web presence. Right now, I’ll be honest, my blog looks like crap. Well, I’ll give it some merit, its the Word Press default theme, it doesn’t look bad its just so widely used by second rate blogs that are never updated and don’t have much purpose. I’ve always associated it with that and didn’t know until now that it was a Word Press theme. Even so, I’m too tired to pick anything or customize anything tonight (I actually picked out a theme to customize earlier today!). Plus its almost bed time. Ok… The spell check system on this is going a bit kooky (it said I spelt have wrong but only the “ve” part of have). Whatever I’ll look at it in the morning. Now its time to read.