Quick Update: Before the First Visit

I will be leaving very soon to go to the Children’s Institute for my first day of therapy. Its been so nerve racking (literally – RND is a whole heap of nerve pain!) waiting the past few weeks, but now I am finally here. While I am ready for this, I’m also nervous.

Got to Pittsburgh, Tomorrow it Begins…

I arrived in Pittsburgh this afternoon, the reason I’m here; reflex neurovascular dystrophy. I start my therapy for it tomorrow. If you’d like to know more about RND, refer to my older post! Time to go to bed, the long drive wore me out.

Finally, My Spam is Back in My Language. Maybe.

Lately, I’ve been a bit blue because all my spam is in Russian. At first I dismissed it, thinking, who cares what language the spam on my blog is in. Then I realized I do! I missed having something to go to for a laugh when I logged in. All the stupid keywords and the ridiculous emails. Like 1jk2hsfnk@hotmail.com. I could translate the Russian ones I suppose but I want my spam in my language. Is that too much to ask? Although today I did get one that was in English but it wasn’t a good one. Also there’s another one in English that I’ve gotten two copies of from the same source and its for Sonic the Hedgehog DVDs. Its quite amusing. I assume that’s from my talking about my lovely Henry (the hedgehog) on here.