About Me


About Me:
I am Magda. I’m 18 years old and I love art. I paint, sculpt, draw etc. My favourite media is multimedia.
Finding the perfect composition is my goal. Whether it be in a picture, a torn magazine page, the way fabric is draped or some dirt/dust/grime has fallen on a machine, I strive to recreate the feeling I get from something looking good. This obsession has led to a build up of physical inspiration. Thankfully, most of this creative detritus is paper based.
About the Name:
I was in Grade 6 when I started to draw skulls. It really took off when I was bored one day and google’d crystal (or any type of stone) skulls. I kept drawing and drawing until one of my classmates said something along the lines of, “You draw so many skulls, you’re like a skull girl.” I liked it.
About the Website:
I checked if skullgirl.com was taken and it was. Skullgrl.com wasn’t. I started making websites in 2005. Starting off with Lycos free hosting (ahhh!). Eventually I worked my way up and in 2007 I bought a domain and hosting package from Freewebs.com. That was no longer adequate when I realized I wanted the main focus of my website  to be a blog and that I wanted to use blogging software not a service. Enter 2008, I got myself a 40$/per year cheaper (than what I had with Freewebs) from 1and1.com.