Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy Rehab: Day 2


I’m so tired I can’t describe it. Last night it was too cold for me, it woke me up around 5:00am-ish. I thought it was 3 or 4am and had to go potty. (Yes, I am 17 and still use the word, potty in everyday speech, live with it! 😛 ) Not wanting to wake my Mom and brother in their room I tried to slowly open the door. It totally and completely escaped my mind that my door creeks LOUDLY! She woke up and asked me why I was up and then I just got ready and hung around here until it was time to go. Which I found out today is 8:45am, only on the first day (with all the assessments) does it start at 8am. 9am is a much better start time for me, at 8am the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet. (Maybe I should just get it in IV form… :3 )


Today was… challenging, to say the least. I’m so tired now its hard to remember what I did; 20 mins. on an elliptical stepper, 2100 meters of rowing, 10 mins. on the sitting elliptical, step ups, hand ups, dragging myself with my arms on a board with wheels up a steep incline… I think you get the idea. I did some bio-feedback as well (controlling your heart rate/breathing with meditation, thoughts and being calm and so on), it was boring (if you know what meditation is then you’d find that part repetitive), the program I used was dated and lame. Oh well. The worst part is one of the parts of the program wouldn’t even respond! I ate a ridiculous amount of food at lunch again; a bag of chips, rice-krispie, grilled cheese sandwich and fries. Lunchtime is basically time to stuff your face, which is what I try and do because I burnt it all off and was hungry an hour later. I’d like to go to a bookstore tomorrow and I need a few more things from Target, namely some dishes/cutlery for the room, another bathing suit, leave in conditioner etc. All this therapy grinds down on a person. I just hope I can to sleep tonight! (And stay asleep.)

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